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45 Bales Smokeless Lignite Briquettes - €6.10 per Bale.


45 Bales Smokeless Lignite Briquettes  - €6.10 per Bale. BRI45
Price : 275 EURIn stock

45 Bales of Briquettes

Lignite briquettes for slow steady warmth

These really are a fabulous combination for your fire, the briquettes and coal burn well together, creating a lovely long lasting glow in you fire place or stove. Our Lignite Briquettes burn hotter and longer than traditional peat or wood briquettes. They are a fully smokeless fuel that is suitable for use in open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

We work with several couriers so delivery times vary. Deliver time in Ireland, both north and south take between next business day up to 4 business days.

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Easyglow is an Innovative Eco-Friendly CO2 aware solid fuel.  Our environmentally friendly solid fuel is a revolutionary smokeless fuel.  Produced from 15% renewable materials in Roslea Co. Fermanagh it is ideal for use on open fires and in multi-fuel stoves throughout the Island of Ireland.